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Join the Actory family!

The Actory

The Actory is a fast growing acting school based in

Miami founded by Casting Director/Acting coach

CJ Bornacelli and Director Carlos Chacin with

one goal in mid: To Build Stronger Working Actors.

With over 30 years of combined experience in the

field, we know the ins and outs to take Actors'

careers to the next level.

By providing you with the right tools and guidence,

we will make you exceed your full potential and

accomplish your goals.


We are passionate about our Actors from beginners to experienced professionals of all ages.  

At The Actory we will guide you every step of  the way: from preparing you for an audition to callbacks to an onset experience. 

We have taken models' careers from print work to commercial level. 

Our actors have booked roles on national TV commercial campaigns, major motion pictures, and network television shows. And most recently on Nickelodeon.


We offer everything you need: Acting Workshop, Acting classes, Improv Classes, Tappings, HeadShots.

Come  join the Actory family!

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